Watercolor Workshops In Harvard Square

Alternate Saturdays, 10:30am - 4:30pm, 3 Church Street

Develop colorful community with other painters

Deepen your creative skills in a productive, nurturing environment

Workshop dates in 2016: July 30, August 13, August 27, Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 22, Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17, Dec 31

To register, email me at lauraquincyjones@gmail.com with your preferred dates.  I will respond with confirmation, payment information, and details on supplies, location, etc.

All welcome! 

These workshops are open to any level and are perfect for someone who already has painting experience or enjoys aesthetic work of the non-painting variety and is curious to take their creative skills to the next level.  We are an intimate, mutually-supportive community of artists working in an non-judgmental creative space.

What will I take away from these Workshops?

Each session involves short skills exercises in color mixing, composition and drawing for painting, and watercolor technique; demonstrations; time to develop a longer piece of your choosing; a great deal of ongoing one-on-one support; and collaborative positive feedback.   You will meet other artists who will support you and show you new techniques with their own approaches.  The day is relaxing, fun, and productive.  I bring snacks, flowers, and nice music in a lovely setting!


Workshops will are held in an historic room right in the heart of Harvard Square at 3 Church Street, overlooking the Square.  Easy access to T, buses, and parking; handicapped accessible.

Registration Packages

You may register yourself and/or a friend for one, several, or all of the listed workshop dates.  A group of regular participants are familiar faces; new participants always warmly welcomed. Discounts apply for enrollment in multiple workshops, and for bringing a friend!


Enrollment in....

6+ workshop dates: $60/session

3-5 workshop dates: $75/session

1-2 workshop dates: $95/session  

with a friend/family member: $75/person/session or less depending on package  

Rates apply to the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter terms separately.

How to Register

To register, please email me at lauraquincyjones@gmail.com with your preferred dates.  I will reply with confirmation, payment information, and details on materials and location.  Thank you!


Ongoing Workshop Opportunities By Arrangement:

Find inspiration and create beautiful new works in these short immersion courses taught by Laura with small groups:

Watercolor and Pen & Ink Illustration 

The fluid, luminous quality of watercolor takes on new life when coupled with hand-drawn pen & ink lines.  In this class, we will combine painting and drawing skills to create artwork with personality.  Students learn and experiment with a variety of techniques for using watercolor painting and ink line respectively, and together on the page.  A few exercises to develop technique as well as narrative and “story” in our work will be put to use when we delve into some longer, more developed works.  A vibrant collection of subjects for illustration are offered.  Students are also encouraged to bring projects they have already started or narrative concepts and subjects of their own to work from.  Each student will produce several short works, and at least one more finished and well-developed piece.  

Illustrated Travel Journaling

Put your life journeys into your hands!  Create an artifact of visual storytelling from a recent journey abroad, a local ramble, or a journey through a particular stage of life.  In this one-day course, you will create a completely unique book that evokes the mood and memory of your transformative experience.  We will gather inspiration from examples across a variety of styles, learn a simple book-making technique, consider the role of text and found objects in our journals, and create our own unique illustrated travel journal.  This is a wonderful way to tangibly re-visit the wonder of a past experience… and to prepare skills that you can take with you on future travels!   

Wonderful Watercolors

Watercolor is a luminous, organic medium that can be simultaneously light and intense, abstract and detailed, spontaneous and deliberate, delicate and brave.  In this short course, we will explore various basic watercolor tools and techniques – using wet and dry paper and paint, various types of brushes and washes, a range of focused palettes, lights and darks, white space, mixed media.  We will paint from unique subjects, experimenting with composition and perspective.  Our products will include a few related quick works, and one more developed watercolor painting.  

Sign Up / Arrange a Course

Courses are scheduled by arrangement with a small number of interested students, and/or as part of community art courses.  If you are interested in participating in or organizing a workshop or short course, please email me at lauraquincyjones@gmail.com

Pricing for Courses by Arrangement

Courses range from $60/student for a 2-hour mini-workshop, to $240/student for a 3-day 12-hour course.  Typically, fees are $15-20/student/hour, but vary based on the number of hours, venue charge, and materials required.