Where We Live - Community Supported Art 2014

This is the brilliant farm-share / veggie-box model ... applied to art.  

For CSArt 2014, nine local artists create 50 small, unique pieces for our "shareholder" patrons. At an "Art Harvest" party in late September, shareholders each receive nine terrific pieces of original art, and meet the local artists they support.

My CSArt 2014 series, "Where We Live", is made up of 5"x5" watercolor "home-scapes" from Cambridge and Somerville. Each piece is a completely unique, hand-painted watercolor on one of five printed pen & ink scenes.  Real local spirit!  


Sharing the Good Life: Lessons from the Farm for Organic Living

This is an evolving book project that grew out of three years I spent living and working on farms and homesteads in Australia.  The book is an illustrated narrative that couples over 100 paintings of the places, people, and delicious details of life on organic growing sites with vignettes to text telling the story of seeking, discovering, and adopting this way of life, inspired by experts.  I am presently finishing the illustrations and text for the book, and working to find it a terrific publisher.  

If you are interested in seeing sample chapters of Sharing the Good Life, which can be provided online, please email me at lauraquincyjones@gmail.com