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I love to do customized work!  Please contact me directly at 617.435.6787 or to discuss your project.  Some details below.


Media: Options include watercolor with pen & ink painting, simple black-and-white line drawing, monotype print, or mixed media.

Process: We start with a discussion about the subject of the piece you have in mind -- the details and personality of your kitchen, home, business, pet, etc that are important to you.  For portraits of any kind, drawing from life is preferable if possible, but if necessary I can work from photographs.  I will send you a detailed pencil sketch for approval, and you may request up to three rounds of editing before a final piece is completed.  

Original & Reproductions: You will receive both the original painting as well as a digital file of the piece and the rights to its reproduction.  If you would like me to make a series of Limited Editions for you based on the piece -- for instance to give as gifts to family members -- or an edition of stationary items with your image on them, we can arrange an order.

Scale: Any size work is possible - small 5"x5" pieces to 14"x18" pieces are typical.

Pricing: Size, detail, color, and number of items in a series are the major factors that determine the time involved in creating your piece, and thus its cost.  Beyond the basic pricing indicated below, a rate of $50/hour is added or subtracted based on the elements you request in terms of size, detail, color, and number in a series.