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Laura Quincy Jones, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based artist, writer, teacher and gardener.  She has spent most of her professional career teaching literacy in inner-city high schools in Boston, MA and Oakland, CA.  In 2011, Laura decided to follow a budding curiosity to learn more about the real origins of good food as a gateway to broader social issues.  But she has always been an artist, ever since her feet dangled from the stool at her aunt's artist desk and her primary medium was crayons.

Laura draws inspiration from her travels, especially from Japan, Russia, Australia, and Cuba.  Three years spent working on farms and homesteads in Australia has culminated in an illustrated travelogue about organic living titled Open Road, which is currently being prepared for publication.  Recently, living in Cuba has led to a current exhibition of street-scapes and portraits. 

The educator in Laura speaks wordlessly through her paintings.  Her artistic aims are intrinsically tied with a life-long question of what it means to "live well" and create positive personal and social change.   She is interested in sharing the stories of people she has met in her travels who answer this question through genuine organic community, permaculture, and sustainable design.  Pen and ink with watercolor are Laura's current medium for place-scapes, portraits, and visual narratives.  

Laura holds degrees with high honors in History and Religious Studies from Brown University (BA), Political Philosophy from Cambridge University in the UK (M.Phil), and Secondary Education from Tufts University (MAT).  She continues to take adult education courses, participate in the "school of life", and is proud to be part of a family of life-long learners. 

At home in Cambridge, MA, Laura is currently leading art workshops and classes, teaching English at Bunker Hill Community College, teaching gardening in the juvenile justice system, writing for magazines as well as her own books, and experimenting with living well through her own garden, art and life.

In 2017, Laura looks forward to living in Havana where she will paint, dance, and lead Art Trips.

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